Property management using technology RFID

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In organizations and administrations, it is very difficult to manage management with traditional methods as it grows. One of

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Ownership of property on the territory and management of the property is a regular period. This method works with a zigzag

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Property is. In RFID conferencing, it uses sabers to use farther radio from radio waves.

They are. The affiliation of these brands is done by the readers and can be used depending on the type of usage and usage.

The rhythm of the rand is from a distance of about ten meters to the rand.

In the use of RFID tags, it is still possible to use the previous methods in order to print barcodes

Organizational visual codes are commonly found on labels. So using these tags allows you to manage your property

There will be three ways of reading with eyes, bar codes and using readers.



In property management, using RFID technology, it works in the way that the goods are intended for the organization instead

Common tags from RFID tags are used. In the next step, considering the sensitivities for the transfer of property

In that defined organization, a number of fixed or mobile readers are used. For example, if the property is a room or a part

There is a special sensitivity that can not be removed without coordination. It can be installed in the entrance of a room or section of a reader, in the case of

The departure of the goods will be immediately notified to the management. Moving readers are also commonly used to run turnkey assets.

In this case, in spite of the usual ways in which the property of an organization may take several days to run using Reader

An animated one can only be automatically recorded in each room by moving it in each room, and thus

The organization of corporate repossession runs in a few hours rather than a few days.

Possibility of using integrated property management is another advantage of this system. So that all the property in a system before

Are defined. And for each place, receiver’s delivery, usage period, etc. Then by distributing them in place and

The installation of readers at the appropriate locations allows for the integrated management of the property. So that it can be reviewed at any moment

What property is in each department of the organization.

smart school

Smart School Project


Currently, due to the major changes in the international education system and the introduction of e-learning and educational systems, traditional systems of management and control of educational centers are not very effective and require a smart system based on day-to-day technologies. On the network is tangible. In general, the concept of the Intelligent School was introduced in 1984 by David Perkins at Harvard, which was then gradually introduced to other schools, and was developed after some time nowadays in most of the developed countries, from these schools Human resource training is used in development programs. One of the features of the Smart School Index is the unlimited learning process for certain hours of the day, meaning that smart schools will never be shut down. In these schools, each student can learn at any time of the day through the Internet and the network or other software, and attend remote distance learning classes, and only through a laptop or A tablet without attending lectures and textbooks will participate in the classroom and the effect of this method will be on the student’s assessment of the obvious teachers. Another benefit of a smart school is the lack of intelligence that students use to register with their cards to enter the school, and then correctly determine which student is at what time Enter and at what time out of school. This can greatly reduce the parent’s concerns about whether their child has reached school or not. Another benefit of this is the easy and accessible communication between school officials and parents, as well as students, and troubleshooting and answering questions that may arise. Dynamic educational content as well as the ability to live up to many theoretical concepts of the concept will increase the learning efficiency and enhance the creativity of the student.

In these schools, intelligent control and management is needed that can plan equipment, software and human and financial resources, and by using the combination of modern technologies and appropriate educational environment, it will take a great step to achieve educational goals.

The Essence and Importance of Intelligent Schools:

The main goal of the management of intelligent schools is to effectively and efficiently manage the resources, facilities and equipment of the intelligent schools, as well as to transform the teaching method from one-way approach in a dynamic and creative way to achieve educational goals in order to train effective forces for future development of the country. . The intelligent school management system has core functions such as energy consumption, security, school management, student activities, teaching resources, external resources, facilities and financial resources management, and so on. Managing resources and teaching equipment in intelligent schools is one of the most important tasks of the school management system, because the proper use of the facilities created in the educational environment for the development of creativity and the transfer of concepts correctly to students is of great importance in intelligent schools. . Many facilities are used according to the type of school and its educational purpose in these schools, some of which are as follows:

  • Smart board, which replaces traditional blackboards and provides you with a variety of features, including the ability to write, record tracks, input and output audio and video and text files. he does.
  • Intelligent school alarm, which is used automatically to inform the classroom.
  • The use of computers and laptops and smartphones that can install different programs to improve student education.
  • Data projector video that can be used to transfer images on a computer to a display or smartwatch, allowing students to view live and attractive images.
  • Smart building system for managing energy consumption and controlling light, temperature, entry and exit, water leakage, fire extinguishing, etc. It performs.
  • The attendance device that records the arrival and departure of students and staff at schools, and informs parents about the entry and spending of students.
  • Modern information technology-based laboratories with the ability to share laboratory space with other schools
  • Student mobility and health monitoring system

One of the important issues in educational centers, especially schools, is paying attention to the issues of comfort and comfort of students and creating an appropriate environment for learning process and ultimately optimizing the costs of these centers. Not considering parameters such as optimum heat, the difference between outside and inside heat, school hours, the appropriate temperature in each season, ambient air quality, the communication structure of the various parts of the school environment (building map), and the number of entry points And the output of the building in large environments, including educational buildings, leads to the impossibility of adjusting the temperature in the building, unconventional consumption, and the inability to create a desirable space for training. On the other hand, monitoring and continuous monitoring of consumption in educational buildings provide the possibility of proper planning for better management of energy consumption in the country for officials at different levels, so if intelligent control of temperature, taking into account the above mentioned and The thermal model of the building and based on the hours of presence with a scheduled calendar, will significantly save energy and preserve the resources of the country.

In these schools, using electronic equipment and technology, data collection and analysis are carried out, which is the information for the management of educational, human and financial resources. The process involves data collected from educational and lateral equipment that is processed and analyzed